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Thumbby Grips

Using a Thumbby™ massager is easy — hold the Thumbby™ massager in whatever way works and feels best for you and for whomever you are massaging!

Here are some ways you can grip the Thumbby™ massager:

Flat Grip:

Place the massager on your middle fingers and hold the sides with thumb and pinky. Work the back of your neck, especially the edge of the skull, using the point or slope of the device. This grip can also be used to work the ITB, or for cross-fiber friction.



Heel Grip:

Place the massager on the heel of the hand and wrap thumb and forefingers over it. This grip is good when you need to work deeper because you can lean onto the massager. This grip is good for circles, back-and-forth rocking, and for "walking" the massager along tight muscles. Use this grip when using oil to slide the Thumbby™ massager along a muscle.

When using oil or working up against a bone, use your other hand to guide the massager.

Fist Grip:

Place the massager in the center of the palm, and wrap fingers and thumb around it as if you were making a fist. This grip is good for working the point of the massager into a knot or trigger point where you want to maintain a neutral wrist.